Facts You Would Need to Know About Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a smart phone game that has had so many downloads in the recent past both on Android as well as on iOS. Being a free to play mobile game, all you would need is to download the game and enjoy the play. However, you would need to know a few facts about Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle as a game hit the mobile devices for the first time in 2015 and spread to other countries in the same year. The Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has since then needed new content with the intention of diversifying what the game has to offer to its players. Even as some players are in the tendencies of memorizing various versions of a single character, the game developers are in a constant move to make sure that Dokkan Battle always pose a challenge to the players. Be excited to our most important info about dragon ball z dokkan battle.

One would also need to note that Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle tends to be rarer but at the same time far much better than most games. One of the aspects that make it the best game is that it tends to have tiers where one starts with the super rare all the way to the legendary rarer. 

One as a player is supposed to build his or her dream in Dokkan battle even as one should have in mind that it is hard to catch them all. You will easily unlock R, SR and SSR characters which can be done by exchanging the dragon stones customarily earned through the game. You would also gain N and are where you spend friend points. In a case where you feel that you have so many characters, you would easily use the weaker ones to train and power up. That way, you can get rid of the weaker characters even as you empower the strong characters. Having more than 1,000 characters, one has a ton of fighters which he or she can earn, win, and discover in the course of his or her play. Gain more understanding about dragon ball z dokkan battle japanese by clicking on the link.

The Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle also tend to challenge you to get around maps which tend to come at the whim of random dice rolls. Even as you may not be sure where you will land, the repercussions of your dice make the game exciting making the game match the gambling standards. While friendly spaces tend to give you random items and money, less friendly zones tend to trigger enemy encounters but increase your chances of zoning your way to the final boss.